Messy Child's Room? Try Pinboards for an Easy Solution!

Pinboards are commonly used in offices to keep notes and papers off a desk and in plain sight, but they can also be a great solution for helping to organize a child's room. Since many pinboards are available in a wide range of styles with a felt or fabric covering, they can be attractive while functional. Consider a few tips for using pinboards as a solution for that messy child's room in your home.

1. Organising jewellery

If your child has a big stack of jewellery that is always tangled and seem to be missing pieces, you might try a pinboard. This will get those jewellery piece off their dresser or out of their drawers, and off the counter of the bathroom sink, and keep them organized.

To organize jewellery with a pinboard, use deep hooks or pins on which you can hang necklaces, bracelets and even earrings. Hang the pinboard up over a dresser, high enough so that longer necklaces and bracelets have room under the board and don't cascade onto the dresser. Earrings that have a fishhook back can be set sideways on a hook or pin. For earrings with a post backing, cut a small plastic cup and pin one side to the board, and you can then use the cup as a little cupped shelf to hold these smaller pieces.

2. Accessories

Items like scarves, belts and gloves often get strewn about a child's room and can easily make it look messy and disorganized. You can get large pins and just pin a knit scarf or set of gloves to the board so they're up off the floor. Loop a belt buckle over a large pin attached to the board, or drape the belt sideways over the pin. By attaching these types of items to the board, they won't get tangled, kicked under the bed or otherwise lost in a child's room.

3. School supplies

A large hook at the bottom of a pinboard might hold a child's backpack that he or she will need for the next day. You can also get your child into the habit of pinning up their completed homework or work that still needs to be done, so there is less risk of a paper being lost. A pinboard can also hold a calendar that sets out their schoolwork and due dates. You can also keep their desk more organized if you pin plastic cups to the board so these can hold pencils and pens or other supplies that otherwise make a desk look cluttered and messy.

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