3 Common Pitfalls Associated With Installation of Data Cabling Systems

With today's business tasks becoming increasingly interconnected and data-driven, maintaining a reliable data network has become more important than ever before. A well-installed data cabling system will help support all your computers and other network devices such as printers, servers, HD TVs, fax machines and many more devices as you continue to expect 100 % uptime using your data cabling infrastructure.

Here are a few common mistakes you should avoid before, during and after the process of installing a data cabling system for your business.

Pitfall 1: Avoid blindly selecting a data cabling installer quoting the lowest price for their services

Let's all face it, data cabling is a highly technical and specialised trade, so it is prudent to look for a data cabling installer who can bring their many years of experience working on several different projects to your business, even if they charge a premium for their service.

In many cases, the lowest bidder is usually the installer who is the smallest and holds the least experience in the data cabling trade. Before you choose a cabling contractor, carefully weigh the benefits and advantages they can bring to the table against what they will charge.

Pitfall 2: Shortsighted pre-planning for the installation of the data cabling system

Just like many other people, you expect your business to grow in the long run, but probably haven't considered the significance of installing extra data cables to cater for future expansion needs and not just the existing data network devices.

Once you've chosen a cabling installer, present them with a sketch of the various network devices you want installed. The sketch will visualize where your hub will be positioned and from where the data cables will run.

During the installation of the data cabling system, bear in mind that creating extra capacity may cost more in the short run, but it is a cheaper alternative than having the cabling installer make another visit, say after just one year, to upgrade the system.

Pitfall 3: Poor cable management

Data cabling systems may look orderly before they're used; data cables may be separated using data cable racks and run perpendicular from other cable systems such as electric power lines.  However, even the best data cabling system is of little use if you don't have a proper management plan for all your cabling systems including electric power cables. A few months down the line, your data cabling system may look like a complete mess!

Therefore, you should engage IT personnel in strictly implementing the data cabling system maintenance specifications provided by the cabling contractor once the installation work is completed. For more information about data cabling, contact a company like J.A.G. Power & Data Solutions.

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