Greatest tips on saving money on precious printer ink

One of the most common complaints from owners of printers is that the cost of ink is skyrocketing. And that is not a false claim. Ink can cost you quite a lot particularly if you print in high volumes. But not to worry, the exploding ink costs don't have to weigh you down. There are a number of ways to beat this phenomenon. If you don't want to stay captive to the high ink costs, then here are some ink saving tips you need to implement.

Selective printing.

If you want to print a page off the internet, don't just hit the print button. You'll end up printing so any ads, unrelated images and navigation bars. And even after all that printing, you may get a 'refill cartridge' message from your printer. Well, that should be now a thing of the past. A number of tools are available that strip off such unnecessary content from your webpages. These tools can be installed as plugins on the browser, ready to be used whenever you need to print a page.

You could also use the webpage's own print option. It bring up a new page that has got only the black text to be printed.

Switch to the draft mode.

If you are not really looking for high end quality for your papers, then you can switch to the draft mode. This is a mode of printing different from the normal mode. The Canon printer just makes a single pass as opposed to the normal mode, where the printer makes multiple passes, thereby spraying the paper with a lot more ink. That makes the draft mode use less ink. Though the quality won't be as good, the content will still be readable and images can be clearly seen. To switch to this mode, go to the preferences tab and select the 'daft' or 'fast' option.

Print till the ink runs out.

Here's a surprise. Empty cartridges are not actually empty. Yes, once the printer warns you that the cartridge is empty, don't fall for it. They have some ink left. Throwing away the cartridge and buying another makes you waste ink. Some brands may have up to 30% of ink left when it gives a waning. Just turn a blind eye to the warning and continue printing until the ink actually runs out when printing a page. Eventually you'll be able to know when the cartridge is actually empty.

Change the font type.

Some font types use up much more ink than others. This is because they've got a larger size and are as thick as other bold fonts. Make sure to research fonts online before choosing one.

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