4 New Trends Ruling the Tech World

Because the world of technology moves so quickly, it is easy to find yourself reading about the latest development and asking yourself how you missed it. Below are 4 of the newest trends which are ruling the tech world.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is the holy grail of computing. A standard, classical computer processes information using 0s and 1s. In the quantum universe, bytes can exist in two states simultaneously, both as a 0 and a 1. This means that quantum computers can compute problems which are too difficult for classical computers. While quantum computers won't be on sale anytime soon, with tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Google and Hewlett-Packard pouring money and time to advance and commercialise quantum technology, it won't be too long before they are.

Algorithmic Personality Detection

Increasing numbers of organisations and industries are using algorithms to screen potential employees and clients. For example, your insurance company may use an personality detection algorithm to look at your social media accounts, magazine subscriptions, and other interest. This allows them to build a fuller picture of you and the liability you might pose. While this might cause some people to feel uneasy, it is likely that algorithmic personality detection will play an increasing role in everything from financial assessments to job applications.

Virtual Reality

For some time virtual reality has hovered on the sidelines off the tech world. With the Samsung VR Gear head set launched in the US for just $99 and Playstation VR, HTC's Vive and Oculus Rift on the horizon, that might be able to change. It is forecast that more than 12 million virtual reality headsets will be sold in the coming year, as VR breaks through into the mainstream.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an idea that has been under consideration since the early days of the internet. At its core it is about connecting household devices using the internet so they can communicate with each other, users and apps. Imagine your refrigerator messaging you to remind you to pick up more milk. With the recent release of wearable internet connected devices, such as the Apple Watch has paved the way for a paradigm shift in how consumers view wearable technology. According to Cisco, just 0.06% of devices that could be connected to the Internet currently are, meaning that there is a large amount of potential still to be unlocked.

Keep your eyes peeled for these and other big things that will be trending in the tech world this year. For mroe information, contact companies like Phoenix IT. 

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