Features to Consider When in the Market for a New Business Phone System

Your business phone system is a vital part of your company's equipment, and you shouldn't overlook the features that might make your staff's jobs easier and improve communication overall. When you're ready to upgrade to a new system or have a new business phone system installed, note a few features you might consider so you know you get a system that works for you.

Ring groups

A ring group is when a particular call rings on the phones of an entire group; this can be a certain department or a certain number of persons with the same position, all of whom can answer the same phone call. A ring group cuts down on the number of times a call from a client or customer is missed because one person was not at their desk. This, in turn, reduces the number of times that client or customer may simply hang up because of not having someone answer the phone. Ring groups are good for customer service centres, sales floors, and the like.

Voicemail to email

For those who travel often, voicemail to email should be a standard feature on any business phone system. This alerts someone through their email system that they have a voicemail, and it may even transcribe that voicemail to text and deliver that via email as well. This ensures no one's voicemail sits in a mailbox indefinitely and that those who do travel often don't miss an important message; with text transcription, they also don't need to waste time even calling their voicemail for the message itself.

Length of call recording

Recording the length of calls people receive or make can be invaluable if you're looking to minimise downtime for certain types of calling. For example, when cold calling potential customers or clients, you may not want your staff to spend too much time in small talk or idle chat. For customer service centres, you also want to note how long it takes, on average, to find correct information for a customer and help them with their particular issue. Length of call recording can give you an idea of what areas need improvement when calls are made or received, or if certain staff members need additional coaching for handling calls. This feature can also typically note the length of time someone is put on hold, either when they call initially or when they're routed to another department, so you know to improve response time.

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