How to Deal With a Handset That Drops In and Out

Business telephone systems are designed to provide a high level of audio quality whether you are speaking or listening. With features like duplex calling, it is even possible to achieve very top-quality audio when both parties are speaking at the same time, something that reflects how people communicate when in person. However, a telephone system – no matter how sophisticated it is – will only be as good as the weakest link in the chain between callers. Given modern business phone systems use a range of technologies, from standard analogue handsets to proprietary ones that sometimes make calls over the internet, tracking down the root cause of drop outs can be tricky.

Call a professional telephone technician to solve ongoing issues with handsets which drop in and out of service when you are on the phone. They tend to be needed when more than one extension has the problem or if it only occurs at certain times of the day. In other cases, you can take a few diagnostic steps yourself to try and rectify inconsistent handsets.

Analogue Handsets

Sometimes referred to as plain phones or simple phones, analogue handsets use a type of extension on a phone system which can only handle one call at a time. If problems with this sort of handset dropping out occur, then it could be either the extension or the handset itself that is causing the issue. Switch the handset for another of the same type. If the fault moves, then it is a problem with the phone itself. Try reconnecting the curly cable or replacing it in such cases. These are standard items and relatively inexpensive. If the fault stays in the same location, on the other hand, then you may need to have the entire extension rewired by a telephone engineer.

Digital or Proprietary Handsets

Business phones that can handle multiple calls and offer additional services to users also suffer from calls dropping in and out from time-to-time. In such cases, keep a record of when the problems happen so that the cause of the fault can be more easily diagnosed. Call drop out on a digital phone may be caused by electrical interference, for example when a nearby light is switched on or when a printer that is in close proximity is used. Alternatively, it may be the type of external connection that is being used that causes the inconsistent service. Identify which sort of line is being spoken on when drop outs occur, so that the network provider can be notified. Sometimes, the problem simply lies outside of the phone system entirely or could be caused by the other caller's handset working with poor reception.

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