4 Technical Risks You'll Run by Jailbreaking Your Smartphone

You might have heard of 'jailbreaking' a smartphone, but you might not understand exactly what that means. Essentially, jailbreaking a phone means removing the software limitations placed on it by the manufacturer. You can change certain default settings and download apps and extensions that are not officially available on your operating system.

This might sound good since it provides a little added freedom to use your smartphone, but it can bring with it several technical issues that require you to seek expert assistance. Here are just four risks you'll run by jailbreaking your smartphone.

1. Problems with Updates

Modern smartphones benefit from frequent updates that are downloaded automatically to keep your device running as efficiently and securely as possible. Unfortunately, jailbreaking your smartphone can interfere with those updates. In some cases, this will simply mean the phone reverts to its intended operating system and deletes the unofficial apps once an update is performed, but you may find that updates cannot be installed at all.

2. Bricking

When a smartphone is 'bricked,' it simply isn't working anymore – it is essentially as useful as a brick. This can occur when you jailbreak a smartphone. In some cases, doing so can create software errors that render a device unrecoverable without some sort of hardware replacement or professional attention. This is most common when the user attempting to jailbreak their smartphone has not done so before and makes a mistake. Even if the phone can be recovered, you may lose your data after bricking.

3. Reduced Security

One of the most compelling reasons not to jailbreak your smartphone is that doing so leaves it far more vulnerable to security issues. The apps you want to download that aren't available on the official store for your operating system may not be as secure as you think. They may contain malware that your jailbroken smartphone is not able to combat, and the antivirus software native to your phone may not respond properly. This can be a huge issue given the type of information most people store on their smartphones.

4. Reduced Battery Life

Given how much people rely on their smartphones these days, you probably don't want to do anything that impacts battery life. Unfortunately, jailbreaking your phone can have a noticeably negative impact. Some apps use significantly more power than others, and this tends to be especially true when it comes to apps made for the jailbreaking community. Many don't run very efficiently, so you may notice battery life becoming noticeably poorer after jailbreaking your smartphone.

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